About: This page is just about me!😁

I am a web designer and strategist with over three years of experience working with companies, startups and media.

I love managing creative teams, promoting design thinking, creating desirable products and working with a wide range of companies and industries to experience more of the world.

I started my career as a social media marketing manager and since then I had the pleasure to work with a lot of great companies.

Originally from Assam, India I moved to Pune in 2007 and since then i have been learning and teaching myself everything that is known to me today.

I studied in Maharashtra Institute of Technology(MIT) with a bachelor degree in Computer Science.

Currently based in Chakan, Pune. I work with agencies, companies, and people all over the world, creating rich experiences using powerful tools of WWW.

Did I mention!

I have a puppy,
her name is Kiko💖