Joy here, web
designer & strategist.

I work at the intersection of web designing, branding, and strategy. For the past five years, I have been helping organizations and startups to bring their concepts and products to life.

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Selected Project #1

Launched in 2008 it is one of the top technology blogs on the web.

"Joy has an amazing ability to design, creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve. I was blown away by the time, effort and quality of what he delivered. Plus, he’s a great guy, the kind that doesn’t really grow on a tree!"
Raju PP - TechPP
Raju PP

Full Website Redesign

Blog was in need of a fresh, modern UI and better UX. The primary goal was Mobile First responsive design.

AMP Integration

Large number of traffic came through AMP pages so the challenge was consistent User Interface Design.

Reusable Templates

Built with Easy Customization in mind. Every block and element can be copied and edited with ease.

How can I help you?

Interact with your users on the platforms they prefer. Web and mobile - I have you covered.
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Digital Marketing
UI/UX Design
Mobile App Design
Product Management
Research & Discovery
Prototyping & Interactions

Why Me?

I believe in creating everything without templates, with a fixed price and fixed deadline. Every website deserves, if not requires, to have its own voice.
Using my experience I strip website projects down to the bare necessity. I note a precise brief of their requirements and create a website by streamlining the build processes.
User Experiences - Joy Chetry

1. User experiences that converts best

UX and CTR (Click Through Rate) are at the base of everything I do. I am a kind of web designer that strives to design web pages that people would get attracted to.
Interface - Joy Chetry

2. Clean, functional interface

Appropriate spacing is a new fundamental, a good design allows the content to visually breathe. I follow this kind of design system to deliver a fluent and effective product.
Visual Branding - Joy Chetry

3. Kick-ass visual branding

Consistency in visual style is the key for every brand. Your website will be created by a professional web designer with years of experience.
Resposive Design - Joy Chetry

4. Reusable responsive design

Often clients come to a situation where they want to reuse the same design to in other pages. Which is why I design reusable blocks for every website.

Blog Posts

Blog - Joy Chetry

Some more interesting stuff that you might want to see

From case studies to design tips, UI UX to WordPress, I publish my journey here so that every other web designer can learn from my experience.
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